About Social Media

Social Media can help physicians access, contextualize, and engage with academic medical content.

Twitter is arguably a platform that lends itself best to productive and professional exchange between urologic professionals. Urology Twitter presence has grown substantially over the last years and this Social Media site is currently utilized by a number of urologists around the world to: (1) stay current on urologic literature / urologic news; (2) follow live coverage of academic meetings; (3) participate in a vibrant volley of ideas and; (4) network with colleagues from around the globe.

This is what you need to know to get around Twitter

Twitter example

  1. “Tweet” is a post that must be 140 characters or less
  2. #hashtags are search terms / descriptors by which the tweets can be sorted (e.g. #pcsm, which stands for prostate cancer social media, accompanies many of the prostate cancer tweets)
  3. To “retweet” is to propagate someone else’s tweet (just hit the “Retweet” button)
  4. Letting someone know you like their post is called “Favoriting” (just hit the “Favorite” button)
  5. “Mention” is to include another user’s handle in a tweet

PlumX Metrics

PlumX Metrics

European Urology now includes PlumX Metrics to provide better insight into the ways people interact with your articles online. PlumX Metrics aggregates article metrics and compiles them in the following categories: usage (green), captures (purple), mentions (yellow), social media (blue), and citations (orange). The larger the circle, the more metrics in that category. Look for the new PlumX Metrics icon above the article DOI and hover over it for a quick overview of the metrics or click the link for more in-depth. Visit the link below to view the top performers.

View top articles from PlumX

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