About European Urology

Mission Statement: We aim to improve the care of persons with urological diseases and symptoms, through the education of physicians and patients with high quality medical publications.

Editorial Content: European Urology is the premier specialist journal in the field of Urology and Nephrology. We publish important, practice challenging manuscripts to educate our readers and improve the care of our patients. To keep up to date with the rapidly evolving world of medicine, the editorial team regularly review the journal’s content, structure and mode of delivery. European Urology publishes peer-reviewed original articles, state of the art reviews and opinion piece editorials on a wide range of urological problems. The journal is published monthly and the default format is a digital, electronic platform.

Journal Impact: European Urologyis the official journal of the European Association of Urology (EAU) and has been a prestigious urological forum for over 35 years. The journal is currently read by more than 20,000 urologists across the globe. Despite our name, most readers come from beyond Europe. In 2014, more than 1 Million PDFs were downloaded and we received more than 1.5 Million website visits. In 2015, ISI Thompson Journal Citation Reports scored our Impact Factor as 14.976 (our 5 year Impact factor as 11.260). European Urology is ranked 1st in the fields of Nephrology and Urology, and amongst surgical specialty journals.

Editorial Team: The Editor in Chief is Professor James Catto, University of Sheffield. See the Editorial Team page for additional information on the journal’s Editorial Staff, Consulting Editors and Editorial Board. The journal is published by Elsevier.

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